Developers by Alice Lyons & Orla Mc Hardy
2 channel installation, HD video & digital animation, live poetry reading, dimensions variable,

Developers was made in rural Ireland in the midst of the various guises of economic crisis: ‘boom’, ‘crash’ and ‘austerity’. The work presents both a live poetry reading and a film screening performed simultaneously. Both the text and moving images focus on the village of Cootehall, County Roscommon (Lyons’s home for fifteen years), where hundreds of holiday homes were built and then stood empty for years and became known as ‘ghost estates’. The poems capture voices of the locality: migrant workers, homeowners, blow-ins, entrepreneurs, media commentators. The camera finds up-close and distant views of the village in all weathers. Using tropes and devices that reflect the development of contemporary rural society, Developers strives to portray what is often difficult to decipher or goes unseen.