RHA, Dublin
Jan 17 - Mar 31, 2019
Installation overview

Working through expanded animation, video and sculptural installation, Nitefeedz, looks at where value is placed on the interrupted time of caregiving and reproductive labour. Nitefeedz poses the question as to whether a new, formal language could be created for time-intensive media (such as animation), at a moment when there’s less time because of the issue being interrogated? Born out of what Professor Lisa Baraitser, Professor of Psychosocial Theory, Birkbeck University of London, identifies in her book Maternal Encounters, An Ethic of Interruption, as “constant interruptions to thinking, reflecting, sleeping, moving and completing tasks [...], what is left is a series of unconnected experiences that remain fundamentally unable to cohere.” Taking these interruptions as generative, the work looks to connect the provisional gesture to acts of provisioning and care.

Installation photographs by Ros Kavanagh